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Man Power & Sperm Booster Tea

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Your capacity and ability to perform well in bed is what defines you as a man not the millions in your account
Not being able to meet this obligation can lead to problems in your relationship, like losing one’s respect, losing self-confidence, and worse off, losing your woman to another man.
And this is why Faya-Faya  Tea
was manufactured to help put an end to weak erection, quick ejaculation, low libido, and any other erectile issues
1 PACK —– cfa16,000
2 PACK—— cfa30,000
3 PACK——-cfa44,000
4 PACK —— cfa56,000

Cured Over 2,427 Men’s Health Cases Nationwide!!

What is FAYA-FAYA Herbal Tea?

FAYA-FAYA Man Power Tea is a powerful herbal tea designed to boost your sperm count, enhance your manpower, and improve your performance in bed. This tea contains natural ingredients that provide you with energy and vitality, helping you feel like the man you’re meant to be

Benefits of FAYA-FAYA HERBAL Tea

  • Boost Your Sperm Count: This tea helps increase your sperm count, making them healthy and abundant.
  • Enhance Manpower: With FAYA-FAYA, you’ll have strong and long-lasting manpower, no more disappointments.
  • Increase Stamina: Gain more energy and stamina to perform longer and better.
  • Natural Ingredients: No side effects, everything is natural and safe for your body.

This Is For You If You Struggle With:


Releasing too quick before the action starts.

Low sperm count that cannot fertilize your woman’s egg.

 zero sperm count!



They do not contain any stimulants or toxins that are harmful to the body. They’re 100% Natural.


All the ingredients are made from God-given Natural herbs that boost the body and help increase sexual performance.

This product helps you get back your spark in the bedroom, no matter how long you have been battling with erectile dysfunction issue or how severe it is, or the number of products you have tried in the past without getting any result.


This product offers a permanent solution because it tackles erection issues from the root and your body system would have adapted to the curing process, making the cure permanent in your body.
Other similar products out there will only drain your money monthly, but when you use this product, it solves the problem once and for all.

Results in 7 Days (Or Less). Guaranteed!


You don’t have to wait for 30 or 60 days before you start seeing results. Starting from today, you will notice the effect of this product on you.

And in less than 5 days from today, your woman will praise you because you would have become a sex-machine.


1 PACK —– cfa16,000
2 PACK—— cfa30,000
3 PACK——-cfa44,000
4 PACK —— cfa56,000


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